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    Default 40HP Merc new water pump not working?

    Ser#0G223587 1995? I have a Merc 2 stroke, 4 cylinder with a new pump not working on purge cups. I'm getting water out of the mid section exhaust ports but noting out of the power head. Even after running for a few minutes the engine doesn't even get warm. Checked the overboard indicator and its clear from engine down. Anyone have a possible clue? Also is one of the years that has a Yamaha power head?

    O yes. Wired a new switch according to the schematic and the horn keeps beeping with key on and running.

    Thank you for any help.


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    Default Re: 40HP Merc new water pump not working?

    will,you might have a mud wasp problem blocking your tell tale check that.you can take out your thermostat and see if water gets there if not back further, how did you put new impeller in , were you turning clockwise , or maybe your key has slipped out.

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    Default Re: 40HP Merc new water pump not working?

    If the engine does not get warm after a few minutes the pump must be working !

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    Default Re: 40HP Merc new water pump not working?

    i forgot to mention , if you have leg off , place drive shaft into drill and turn over in tub of water , you should tell then if impeller is working, take all prequations , water ,drill. power. w

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