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    Default 2006 292 Fastech manual opening of engine hatch?

    hi all
    i am new to the forum so hoping i am posting into correct area
    have a 2006 formula fastech 292
    engine hatch is stuck, actuator will not move at all. checked all the fuses, electrics etc already. believe the actuator died on me with the engine hatch completely closed
    does anyone know how i can manually open the hatch? tried sending an email to fastech tech support too but not sure how long they will take to respond..

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    Default Re: 2006 292 Fastech manual opening of engine hatch?

    you can try their TAG group at (260) 724-1412...they used to be pretty responsive but I haven't tried since the covid started...

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    Default Re: 2006 292 Fastech manual opening of engine hatch?

    Look around the hatch/seat, there will be a plate giving you access to pull the pin on the actuator rod connection.
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