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    Default Install a Quicksilver remote control shifter #88688A26 for a 454 MAG. Bravo (Gen V )#D-609065 (7.4L)

    At an young age of 76, I'm about to blow the boat up. I'm trying to hook the Throttle cable and the Shift cable and the direction that came with it is wrong. Photo shows one cable on top of another cable. I do know ( I think )what side the throttle cable goes on and the Shift cable.1. Does the Throttle cable go on the bottom with spacer on top and the Shift cable goes on top with the spacer underneath or is it vice/versa. What position should the detents ( F-N-R ) be when installing ? 2. With that said what position should the Throttle Link be ( which Hole?) 3. Which side should the Compression Spring be on ( 2 possibilities).
    Anything would be helpful. You tube was no help. Tell me where to look if that will help

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    Default Re: Install a Quicksilver remote control shifter #88688A26 for a 454 MAG. Bravo (Gen V )#D-609065 (7

    this may get you close:


    if not, use your favorite search engine....

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