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    Sender bad, my rod is about 4 inches long, I see them with a longer rod, same short sender length, should work? Also half of the old cork float is still in the tank, expanded bigger than the hole, big PIA to try to get it to the sender hole, leave it or try to get it out if possible? I can try through the filler hole it wont stay in one spot. If it needs to come out I will drain the tank and try.

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    Also should the mounting holes be the same as my old one?

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    you need to match the resistance of the sender to the gauge...noramally, the American Standard is use where the sender shows 240 ohm at empty and 33 ohm at full. you also need to match the mounting flange and the depth of the tank to the float arms travel extent. there are also 'new' designs where the float arm is eliminated...

    You can likely leave the old float in with little issue...ideally you remove it during the winter layup or other period of non-use. eventually it will break down into little chunks...

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    Thanks, right now I am getting the boat ready to shake it down for its maiden voyage since I got it. Fuel level is probably one of the important aspects of boating. During the winter there are things that need to be done, I will work on getting the old float out.

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    Get a Moller reed float

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