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Thread: WTH no spark?

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    Default WTH no spark?

    well had little spark so changed plugs, wires, condensers, coils and points. Air gaps perfect, points set and coils were tested. Now motor just cranks great BUT NO SPARK at all? The one "M" on key ignition switch is not really tight to base as all the others.

    So are my coils not getting the power they need? or am I missing something else.

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    What motor ???----And I do not believe the coils on your motor need 12 volts from the battery to make spark for the plugs !-----Work carefully and make sure you do not apply 12 volts to the coils !

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    The motor is a 1962 Johnson 40 HP electric start

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    i also have no spark at the plugs..but i have spark at the points..its a 1989 3.7 mercruiser ..ive replaced the coil the rotor button and distributer cap,,and dont what else to try..would surely appreciate any advice as to what to try next...

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