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    Default EZ Loader trailer Repair

    I have a 1996 27' Wellcraft Excel I am pulling on a EZ loader trailer that I believe is the original trailer, both were not in bad shape, just neglected. I am nearly finished restoring the boat and am now doing the same to the trailer. I have replaced the jack, winch, rewired the lights and now need to replace all 32 rollers and all 4 wheel assemblies. I am not familiar with the way its set up. The front wheels have a drum/bearing assembly but there are no brake lines to speak of and the rear wheels just have a simple hub assembly with a bearing. I have been trying to find a vin number or any kind of way to identify the model of trailer, but have been unsuccessful. Trying to identify what I have so I can order the correct parts.

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    Default Re: EZ Loader trailer Repair

    Ayuh,.... Brakes on one axle is typical,.....
    You need to find the part numbers off the bearings, 'n seals,.....
    The fact that it's an ez loader don't really matter,.....
    'n for the price of 32 rollers,... I'd convert it to bunks,.....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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