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    Default bf 30a carby tune

    hi guys
    just wondering if there is a set amount of screw turns for my carby's on my 30
    had 2 so called mechanics out
    first guy stripped off the carbs and cleaned them then reinstalled them but has screwed up the the tuning and the top 2 are out of tune with the bottom fixed one
    the came back all out of wack and the factory paint maeks were all shot and discovered that the middle carb was shut at idle
    second guy failed to pick this up
    motor still runs but coulkd be smoother
    thanks in advance for any help
    cheers guys

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    Default Re: bf 30a carby tune

    No standard setting available when talking about synchronizing your carbs. You need to get in touch with somebody familiar with that procedure. If he's not hooking up a vacuum gauge to the carbs while adjusting them, tell him to move on, as he can't possibly adjust them correctly without at least one gauge. A guy using a cluster of 3 gauges should be able to do this in just a few minutes - IF - he knows what he's doing.

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    Default Re: bf 30a carby tune

    first guy had the 3 cluster gauge and still stuffed it up

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    Default Re: bf 30a carby tune

    There is a picture of incompetence....

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    Default Re: bf 30a carby tune

    absolutley mate
    and they wonder why people dont trust them to do a job without being ripped off
    I have been giving it some more minor adjustment this morning and I'm close but not perfect and the motor is running ok

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    Default Re: bf 30a carby tune

    If you wanted to take the time to do it right yourself, those gauge clusters are not expensive - and only take a few minutes to figure out if you've never used one. The adapters that screw into the manifolds that come with these work fine on the Honda's -Al https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Mot...%2C1069&sr=8-8

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    Default Re: bf 30a carby tune

    thanks mate

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