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    Default Are Tohatsu outboards reliable?

    Just had a long 2 days trying to get my 6 hp Tohatsu to run more than 10 mins........hard to start then vented the gas cap at repair shop and outboard ran great. Once on water became erratic then would not start at all....just had outboard gone over by good shop.....runs then stops and cannot be started,

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    Default Re: Are Tohatsu outboards reliable?

    Sorry, just spotted this post now. Did you resolve the problem? Do you use ethanol? Was it stored for a period of time? What year motor is it? Tohatsu is very similar to Honda. New ones are made by Honda now. Tohatsu and Honda have been partners for over 20 years.

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    Default Re: Are Tohatsu outboards reliable?

    Important to note that only 150hp and up are made by Honda. 2.5-140hp are manufactured by Tohatsu on their own.

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