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    Default 2004 225 fuel filter water separator question.

    Hey all,
    had an alarm, checked water separator and wire was corroded off. Is there a part number for the wire itself?
    Or must I replace the whole assembly.
    Also, will the motor run with the wires off the sensor or will it constantly throw an alarm.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: 2004 225 fuel filter water separator question.

    According to the shop manual, it is a water level switch. From what you say open=alarm so just short the two wires and the alarm should disappear. I assume the wire has broken on the harness side, otherwise you would just have to order and replace the Water Separator Assy which comes with the wires and connector.

    If the damage is on the harness side Im afraid you will either have to repair or replace the whole Harness Assy. If the broken wire is near or at the connector, repair is possible, but you need to be Chinese. The remaining connected pin is locked in the connector by a minuscule tab or tabs which you may be able to press with a watchmakers screwdriver set to unlock the pin. You will need a good magnifying glass and a bright flashlight. If you manage to remove the connector you can then take it to a better location to try and free the remaining locked pin, open up the crimp and re-crimp it to the wire. add a little solder and re-insert to the connector. Remember these connectors are waterproof so they have waterproof grommets which have to carefully be pulled out and reinserted.

    I have tried to search for a new connector but have been unable to find it, although I am sure it is available somewhere.. Is the connector blue? If you gently push/pull the remaining wire and look very carefully you may be able to sense where the locking tab/tabs are...

    As a side note, it is always great to have installed an external water separator, Racor S3227 or similar, nothing to do with this issue, but it will avoid other problems on the long run. Just a heads up in case anyone is interested.

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    Default Re: 2004 225 fuel filter water separator question.

    I had exactly the same problem. My water separator wires were corroded right at the connection to the bowl and broke off when I was trying to remove it.

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