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    Default '86 Mercruiser 140HP Sterndrive Trim Pump Kaput After Changing Batteries

    Before I swapped out the batteries after de-winterization, the trim worked fine. After swapping out the batteries, I took her out of the river, and could not get the drive down at all.

    I have done through these forums, and have done the following:

    - I assumed I blew a fuse, and found and checked the inline one from the battery, which was fine. I cannot locate another fuse on/near the trim pump, so also checked all inline fuses at the controls, and they all were fine. There is also a 60amp circuit breaker at the transom behind the engine, which seems ok. Should I find another inline fuse for the trim pump in the stern/transom? There is no "square block fuse" attached to the trim pump as mentioned by some and the manual.

    - Tested the solenoids at the trim pump with a direct battery connection. The top solenoid clicks and the bottom one produces no sound. I changed the solenoids and get the results-so that was a waste of $$$ and effort. The motor does not run at all.

    - The starboard side trim switch has a broken wire, which explains why the gauge never worked.

    - The port side trim switch seems fine

    - I pulled the cover of the controls, and the wires 'seem' fine. I also confirmed that the drive is in neutral, and still nothing.

    - I noticed but not confirm with broken dipstick the level of the trim oil, but it appears low. Once the rain stops, I will fill with 5W-30 and connect everything back up and test. Would a low/empty reservoir nix the trim motor running?

    There was a post about checking ALL of the electrical connections with a meter, and I will reconnect and do that when the rains later this week.

    I thank you all in advance for your help.

    ~ Chris

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    Default Re: '86 Mercruiser 140HP Sterndrive Trim Pump Kaput After Changing Batteries

    Check the grounds on the pump and the bracket.
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    Default Re: '86 Mercruiser 140HP Sterndrive Trim Pump Kaput After Changing Batteries

    All is well! I cleaned up all the grounds (terminators and connection points) put fresh fluid into the trim pump reservoir and replaced the solenoids. I think the fix was actually a combination of the first two, which I did dead last, of course! ;-)

    Now all I have to do is replace the trim level switch, which has a broken wire. Not a show stopper for sure, as it never worked. But she is good 'nuff to go to Maine this weekend.

    Thank you, 02BATSEA!

    ~ Chris

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    Default Re: '86 Mercruiser 140HP Sterndrive Trim Pump Kaput After Changing Batteries

    ...and then I take her out for my birthday with my sons, drop her into the water and click-click-click, she won't turn over....UGH!

    I guess it could be low batteries, as it has been since Fathers's Day since she ran. But all systems worked: blowers, lights, trim, etc. I'll throw a charger on and take it from there...

    ~ Chris

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