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    Default 1992 Johnson 15 dies just above idle but runs fine at higher speeds.

    Hello, I am just about at my wits end with this outboard: 1992 johnson 15 J15RENM
    I can get it to idle just fine and I can shift into gear and cruise around at idle speed without an issue but when I give it more throttle it starts to putter out and eventually die, I can however quickly give more throttle and run at higher speeds without a problem, but when I ease up on the throttle it will putter out and die right about at the speed I want to be cruising through the no wake zones at.

    Here is everything I have already done to the engine.
    I was gifted this from a friend and it had been sitting outside for about a year not running.
    I did a thorough cleaning of the carb and fuel pump and replaced all gaskets, replaced all fuel lines and am running a new fuel tank and hose, new impeller, changed gear oil and put in a new thermostat (which was missing)
    After all that got her idling nice in a bucket and went for the inaugural splash on a Gheenoe I just finished restoring. The engine ran great until it cut out after about 20min of running around, I believe due to a loss of spark, finally got it started again after about 20min of tugging on the starter. I ended up submerging the engine on the way back, I let my brother drive (first mistake) and we were going pretty fast through back creeks trying to keep the engine from dying on us again. During a sharp turn with some operator error and clamp screws not tightened down enough I got to watch my outboard kick itself off the transom. After grabbing the engine and paddling back she sat in a freshwater bath overnight and I ran through the pickle procedure the next day, turned a bunch of 2 stroke oil through the cylinders, re cleaned carb and fuel pump, replaced the whole ignition system with the exception of the charge coil and lam assembly.
    I got her started back up and back on the water and now its giving me this issue. My initial thought was that I had the slow speed adjustment off since I didn't think to count the turns when I first disassembled the carb. I did tune it first following Leeroys ramblings instructions and then again following the Joe Reeves instructions with similar results.
    Any thoughts on what might be going on with this Johnson?

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    Default Re: 1992 Johnson 15 dies just above idle but runs fine at higher speeds.

    How fast was the motor running when it went for a swim ?-----Did the engine come to a " dynamic halt " ( sudden stop ) and if it did check the flywheel key.

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    Default Re: 1992 Johnson 15 dies just above idle but runs fine at higher speeds.

    I had to take the flywheel off while I was working on the ignition, I didn't see any damage to the key while I was under there.
    I would say the engine was at about halt throttle when it took a dip, but it did disconnect from the gas line on its way in so I think that might have saved it.

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