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    Default Trim sensor/gague

    Hi, I have a recent issue with my trim indication system. The gauge says teleflex as a company name on it and the system has worked fine up until I serviced my trim/tilt unit.
    My trim indicator needle is stuck in the up position both when i turn the ignition key and when it's completely off. The only thing that happens when I turn the key to the on position is that the gauge jumps a little higher on the gauge, pretty much outside the indicated range. When I disconnect the gauge completely the gauge stays in the fully up position which to me seems like the guage is broken but I'm not sure seeing as it has worked faultlessly, could I have accidentally bridged a connection and fried the thing?
    As a troubleshooting step I did bridge the S and G terminal to see if the gauge moved down and it does flicker back down the same as when i turn the key to the off position but it never goes fully down. However I have accidentally bridged some random connections and it did go fully down, I am however not sure which terminals I connected.
    The story with the trim sender unit is that the gauge didn't read fully down when the engine was fully down however the gauge (working at the time) still indicated when the engine was being trimmed up and down. So I wanted to turn the little plastic tab so that it would show the correct engine orientation (small adjustment) and I'm worried I might have turned it too far and this too is broken now?
    While working on these units I had no power connected i.e. No battery connected, it was first when i connected a battery to test function that nothing seemed to work anymore.

    I've checked the grounds which seem to be good. The sender unit is a bit rusty but has worked in this state before and hasn't been in the water since last summer.

    Would greatly appreciate any help. It's a mercury 75 hp 2 stroke from 2003 with the original gauge and sender from the factory.

    edit: the tilt indicator should move if i ground the trim sender and manually spin the tab while the ignotion is on, right?
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    Default Re: Trim sensor/gague

    Update: was trimming the engine down to close up shop for the night and I heard a crackling behind the trim gauge and the trim stopped working. I now don't seem to have ignition power either. I'm guessing one or both of the relays in the engine have blown, how does a gauge short cause a relay in the engine to blow?

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