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    Default whistling transmission

    Here's a new one.

    Got a detriot M60 with twin disk transmission in this boat.
    When coming out of forward into neutral we are hearing a "beuuuuuuuu" sound. Like one of those yo yo whistles. Transmission oil levels are normal. All systems functioning normally and no error codes are being generated on the ECM.
    Any thoughts anyone?

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    Default Re: whistling transmission

    Is the transmission shifted with compressed air? Air throttles and shift cylinders will sometimes have solenoids that make noises when expelling air.

    Just a wild guess/question.

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    Default Re: whistling transmission

    No, it is just a standard cable shifter. And this is definitely a new noise that was not present previously. I had someone else suggest that it could be the turbo winding down, I'm going to see if I can pinpoint the location on a shakedown today.

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    Default Re: whistling transmission

    Yes, I too thought of the turbo but you said transmission and I assumed you had already done some pinpoint listening.

    Even so, sounds can "travel" and seem to come from places they don't originate.

    If it's the turbo, it could simply be a loose clamp or it could be a defective waste gate.

    Hopefully you can take someone with you that can drive the boat while you investigate.

    It might help to take a long nozzle funnel with you to use as a "stethoscope". The kind of funnel used to add transmission fluid to a car works good and even better if you attach a piece of hose to the end.

    They sell both at pretty much any auto parts store on the way to the marina.

    Good luck with your test ride

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