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    Hello everyone, I have a 1982 Monarch 16í extra wide and deep flat bottom that Iíve been doing a small rebuild on. Thereís a lot of weight on the little 5Ē bow roller which has caused the bracket to bend inwards and pinch the roller to the point it doesnít roll. The back of the boat floats off the trailer but I have to lift and push a lot on the front of the boat to get it to launch. Iím backed in as far as I can go and thereís a 40 hp Yamaha on the back. Like I said the rest of the boat floats good until it gets to that roller. Iím thinking of raising the boasters some and straighten out the roller bracket or replace. Iíve even thought of a bracket with a 12Ē roller but Iíd have to mount the bracket horizontal instead of vertical so there would be no adjusting it but it would sit lower. Any advice, comments are appreciated. Thanks.
    Well I tried to upload pictures but itís not letting me.

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    If you have bent a roller, something sounds undersized to me....does the trailer have enough capacity for the boat?

    how much gear do you have in the front end of the boat? any mods added to the front?

    Last thought is to try a different (longer) ramp and see what happens. My guess is this is relatively new to you and you are now just discovering the issue. Most all the boats I've been on will come right off the trailer once the aft end is floating...

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    I’ve been working on the boat awhile. Finally finished the engine, rewired etc. sort of a rebuild. Just now getting to the trailer l raised the boasters an inch and the winch today. Straighten the bracket and replaced the roller. It loaded up real easy and there seems to be less pressure on the roller now. Time will tell. If it doesn’t hold up I’ll put a larger bracket and roller. Planning on taking it out tomorrow since I have everything on the engine done. I’ll see how it launches. But you may have a point I was looking at it and it seems like the trailer may have been built for a smaller boat. The tongue is short. The boats a 16’ extra wide extra deep and pretty heavy. Thanks for the comments.greatly appreciated.

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    Size your photo down to 1mb & it will load

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    Update: Floated the boat and went to work on the trailer. Raised the winch post some . Raised the 4 bunks by 1” then removed the bow roller and straighten the frame so it would no longer pinch the roller and prevent it from rotating. Put another roller I had that was in better shape. Now when loaded on the trailer the boat it’s about 1/4” from touching the bow roller and it unloaded and loaded great at the lake today. Thanks for all the reply’s and the advice on loaded a picture. I’ll try again with some before the repairs and see if y’all think I did the right thing.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	A4D26881-ACBC-469F-952A-111640074B91.jpeg 
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ID:	26357Click image for larger version. 

Name:	5B9EF655-72A8-4F5F-A4DA-CD7156951F8A.jpeg 
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ID:	26358The first is the rear of the trailer. Second is the bow roller with all the weight on it.

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