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    I have a 1984 Evinrude 150. From what I understand that is the first year they had VRO. I want to disable the VRO and switch it to adding oil straight to the gasoline. all of the videos do not apply to 1984 models. The wires from the oil tank go to ground and a sensor or switching mechanism away from the VRO. most of the videos talk about another 3 to four wire plug, I cant find anything that even closely resembles that. Fishing seasons coming up and I would like to get this changed out so that I can get more years out of this great motor. any help would be appreciated.


    John Senior

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    You must have an original pump and they did not have any wires / warning module.-----Look into 2 simple pumps as was used on the 83 models.

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    Thanks for the info. Everything is original. it's been a great motor and boat and I have tried to take care of it. Can't afford any kind of replacement. Would you have any suggestions as to how to disable the VRO system so I can just add oil to the tanks? If I cut and plug the oil line would that be enough?


    John Senior

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