I’m looking at getting a MinnKota Terrova with the I-Link, and I have a Humminbird 798CI-HD-SI that I’m hoping to interface it to. I realize that the HB I have is on the low end of the MK/HB compatibility list, and that Id need the Enet patch cable. But my question is, will I get the advertised MK functionality on my HB-798, or limited? MinnKota and Humminbird “say” it will work- yet neither can tell me (for sure) that it will or how it will. MK tells me co contact HB, HB tells me to reference the Helix HB/MK user manual. There is no ‘user manual’ for the 798CI & I-Link and I prefer to compare apples to apples, or look for someone that has it- or did it. All I get from HB Support is:
"According to the compatibility list below your unit can operate iPilot Link if its software is up to date and uses the adapter cable.It's features may be limited."

(Q1) So, has anyone used a 798CI-HD-SI with I-link? Once connected, (as the Helix Manual shows) will you be able to use the Maps for contour? Will you be able to make and save I-Tracks and waypoints saved to your HB? Will ‘Circle’ mode work?
I’m just wondering, for the ~ extra $400 for I-Link and my current HB- would I get all, some or none of the capabilities. (yes, someday I’ll update my HB, but not now).
(q2) Also- I-Link comes with the MegaDown sonar which I know wont work on my 798CI. The sonar cable out of the MK head has no connector on it- but I’ve heard that you can remove the MK head cover and there are a couple of screws that will unplug the sonar cable from the head (circuit board I presume)
Is this true?