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    Default Haswing trolling motor phone number in USA?

    Anyone have a reliable working phone number for anyone that sells Haswing??

    Need to troubleshoot a remote and itís only 2 months old 🤬

    I was working for first 3 trips and now it wonít control the motor

    it acts like itís making a connection by beeping 3 times but wonít turn on motor or turn the shaft

    all the lights on the remote are charged and stay a solid red except the System Reboot key and I am stuck with buying another one ir wait and hope to talk to a real person that offers Haswing support??

    advice is appreciated

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    Default Re: Haswing trolling motor phone number in USA?

    Looks like they're manufactured from a joint venture in China. Did you reach out to the California contact on their website?

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    Default Re: Haswing trolling motor phone number in USA?

    I tried to contact them using the phone number on their website, but no one answered. I even sent them a couple of emails, but I didn't receive any answers. I thought they might be out of business. However, I found a couple of posts on ****** saying they are still working, but their customer support is trash. I even tried to track that phone number on https://www.numbertrackerpro.com. It says the number is active and is in the U.S, but no one answers. Did you find a way to contact them? I really need a trolling motor.

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    Default Re: Haswing trolling motor phone number in USA?

    What made you purchase a Chinese trolling motor as opposed to a Minn Kota or MotorGuide with extensive dealer networks throughout the US?

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