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    Do anodes actual eat away like a block of salt, or do they get "used up" but still appear to be okay? I have a 1991 Evinrude 60 HP. Bought used. Runs fine. Wondering if anodes need changed. Look good, but...have they ever been changed?

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    Change them, then you will know they are good.
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    Thanks. Guess "better safe than sorry" is always a good route to follow.

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    When you install the new ones as Chris recommended, weigh them and write it down. When they lose about 50% of their weight, change them again.

    Also, be sure they have a good clean, oil-free mating surface to the engine. On the big Honda's, there is actually a small cable that runs from one of the bolts for the main anode to a bolt on the stern bracket in order to assure better contact and protection.
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