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    Default ‘99 PCM 7.4L MPI Running Rich at Idle

    I have a 1973 Chris Craft Commander 41 refitted with 1999 PCM 7.4L MPI engines. One engine is running very rich at idle, to the point raw fuel is coming out the exhaust. I have the scanning software for the engines, so I have access to all the operating information.

    So far I have replaced the MAP sensor with no change. I have also checked fuel pressure, temp sensors, compression, and distributor. Timing is set at 10 BTDC at idle.

    From running a few trials with the scanner plugged in, the ecm is calling for about 15% more fuel on the rich engine than the good engine.

    I’m at a loss for what else to check and what would case the increased demand if the MAP sensor and Temp sensors are good.

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    Default Re: ‘99 PCM 7.4L MPI Running Rich at Idle

    I was going to suggest maybe an injector is hung but you stated the ECU is calling for "more fuel"...assuming that's the case, across the RPM band, something is off.

    You said you "checked" some sensors - does that mean no DTCs or did you verify their accuracy with the scan tool/other engine? Many times, sensors go bad (loss of accuracy) and don't set a DTC.

    Do both engines make the same RPM at the same Throttle opening, under load?

    Any service done on the 'problem engine' within the past year?

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