I have a 1970 carevelle 120hp mercruiser with a mc-1 sterndrive. I am planning on getting a 2006 3.0 mercruiser engine. I know I will need to get a 12.75 flywheel and special coupler to mate up to the mc-1 sterndrive but what do I do about the following:

1) the exhaust manifold to fit the mc-1 sterndrive.
2) the shift cable from the mc-1 drive to the newer exhaust port configuration.

Basically can I use a newer 3.0 engine and mate it to my mc-1 sterndrive successfully? I think my mc-1 sterndrive has a 1.94 ratio.

Be kind everyone I am a newby. Pulling the sterndrive and engine out was a breeze. Now I need a plan to reinstall everything.