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    Default 2004 Honda BF225

    Good Morning,
    I am new to the forum and I am in the process of purchasing a bot with twin Honda BF225 with about 1000 hours. Motors have been serviced regularly but I wanted to know what the issues are if any with these motors and what I should look for. I saw posts about the thermostat housings, a bushing that I am not sure where it is located, and Bulletin 56.

    Is there a way to tell if Bulletin 56 has been done visually or will it require a mechanic to determine?

    Never had Honda motors before and dont want to have to buy and repower. Also trying to figure out what shop/service manual to purchase. The serial numbers are BAGJ1200901 and 902.

    I appreciate any help you can give me.

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    Default Re: 2004 Honda BF225

    Welcome to the Forum

    These are great engines if maintained properly and run often. My 2007 BF 225 has over 2200 hours and still runs great. But I am also a stickler on maintenance.

    Over the years I have documented problems with the 200's and 225's based on posts to this forum and others. Here it is: Honda Gripe List_Updated 7_12_19.pdf
    It is two pages. Print them and lay them side-by-side to see possible remedies.

    There is only one shop manual worth having. That is the Helm manual. It will cost you around $126 USD They were available on Amazon and eBay. But not sure they are still available. Do an Internet search.

    You cannot tell whether or not the re-designed exhaust tubes (per SB #56) have been installed visually unless you can take off enough stuff to see them. Honda customer service may have a record if they were changed out under warranty. Honda Customer Service Customer Service number is 770-497-6400. Call them and see if they have a record on it for your serial numbers.

    Send me an e-mail at [email protected] and ask for SB #56. I will send it to you via return e-mail. It's too big to upload here.
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    Default Re: 2004 Honda BF225

    Chawk_man is the guy to steer you straight on the 225 outboards.

    I just wanted to say that Helm Inc. and Amazon aren't selling Honda outboard manuals any longer. If you want to buy a new manual you will need to visit the link below and choose the one for your frame number.


    FYI..chawk_man is spot on (as usual) about not wasting your time or money on anything other than the official Honda manual. The Seloc, Haines, Clymer or other publications don't really get the job done as far as "accuracy" is concerned.

    Also, I have purchased manuals from the above link and I see no difference in them and the manuals I've purchased directly from Helm Inc. in the past.

    It is my opinion that Honda simply made an agreement with Helm Inc. to continue the publication of their technical documentation but to allow for keeping only the Honda brand on all the books. Again, just my opinion.

    Good luck with your purchase and welcome to the Forum.

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    Default Re: 2004 Honda BF225

    Jimmy - Thanks for the compliment. However, after all of this time I'm still learning about this engine, so my expertise is limited to my own experiences and what I read. The pro's on this thread get to tackle multiple issues on a variety of these big Honda's. So I consider them the real experts.
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