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    Default Pontoon Part Broke

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ID:	25185I have a 1984 Harris Flotebote Sunliner 240, which has been great for the 11 years I've owned it. It has metal loops welded on to the front and back of each pontoon where I clip the mooring lines. One of the loops wore thru and broke. Looking at the rest, they could all use replacing. Anybody know what they’re called and/or where I can get 4?

    Many thanks for your help, PW
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    You can get weld on bow eyes that would probably work. Or maybe easier to add a couple cleats to the pontoon deck?

    These would do it also.


    Can't get a good link to post, you get the point though.
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    Hey, Jay! Couldn't find these online because I didn't know the right name. Called two pontoon dealers' parts departments. They didn't know the part name, and did not stock anything that would help me. Sheeeit! Aren't there only about a million old pontoon boats where I live in MI alone?!? All dealers want to do now is sell new boats ($$$$), sell winterizing/shrinkwrap ($500) and storage ($300). Nobody wants to do service work. I'd go the cleat route, but the deck has one missing where the corner broke out. Now that I know to look for bow eyes, I'll pick up 4 and take my boat to a good welder I know. Thanks!

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    No problem at all. I tried to find them under the "boat accessories" tab on this site but didn't see any. If you have a west marine store nearby they may stock them.

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