Trying to save dadís Old Bayliner, 130 Volvo 270 outdrive. Boat, motor, outdrive, Lift device AQ were all in good working order last fall when winterized. This spring the motor fired right up and everything worked as expected except for the lift drive unit. The lift unit is clean and the wire connections were good and had power. Also the outdrive can be manually lifted. I decided to just replace both relays and temperature sensor, not knowing how to test them properly. The relay switch on top of the unit checks out OK. The motor for the unit checks out. Also the toggle switch on the dash checks out. Reinstalled all new relays and temperature sensor parts as per the schematic. I have double checked connections, power, and ground, but unit just does not work up or down. The relays make a click noise but will not engage the Lift motor. There must be some kind of an adjustment that I am missing. I can not find enough literature to help me figure this out. Hoping for a little help. Thank you.