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    Default No water out of tell tale on 2011 Mercury 90 4 Stroke ELPT

    I have lost the water from the tell tale. I do not get any water out when I have a hose hooked through the flush port or when it is in the water. When I was out last week I had no water even when running, but never overheated. This engine does not have a hose that I can find that goes to the tell tale, so I can find a way to clear a blockage if there is one. The tell tale is a rubber flanged piece that has a tapered end that fist into the drive shaft housing. Just below the tell tale is a second drilled tell tale as well, If I hold a hose nozzle to the tell tale to back see if I can clear any blockage and also hold a finger over the drilled hole, water then comes out of the prop so no apparent blockage. The hole for the tall tale is located in the water outlet side at the rear of the shaft tube, so there is no easy access. I have also just change the impeller on the engine as well and the was no damage to the impeller, but the vanes did have some set to them. Anybody familiar with this engine and have any suggestions.

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    Default Re: No water out of tell tale on 2011 Mercury 90 4 Stroke ELPT

    I wanted to give you a followup now that I have identified the problem. I had a stream coming out the back of the engine ever since I bought the boat 3 years ago. However, I had never stood behind the boat to see where that stream was coming out. I don't have (but will soon) and normally keep the boat in the water all the time, so any time I have flushed the motor I always used the flushing port. and never noticed if I had a stream when I flushed. What I think happened is either the design never work from the factory or stopped working with the original owner, so the check valve in the the flush port was drilled out and the plug was never put into the flush port. The fact that the plug was missing bugger me so just before my last trip I bought a plug and put it in. I think since I bought the boat the tell tale stream has always come out of the flush port, and not the tell tale port. The way I found out was that I took the hose lose from the flush port immediately after shutting off the was and there was a healthy stream coming back out of the flush port. I just won't use a plug in the flush port from now on and I should have a tell tale. No further assistance is required.

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