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    Default Volvo Penta Float Needle & Seat Cleaning

    I have had an issue with one of my 5.7 GXei engine running rich and using 2X as much fuel as the other engine. I am totally amazed that it can still operate with very little performance flaws except using the extra fuel and leaving lots of black carbon in the water. Engines are in a 2011 Cruiser 330 Yacht Express. I have not had engine put on diagnostic yet. I suspected faulty fuel regulator as plugs are black and I can smell fuel in oil. I wouldn't think that all injectors would be faulty.

    I then found (on Youtube) videos from Mancave Mechanic who specializes in fuel pump rebuilds/repairs and said to put a clear plastic hose between the float and intake to see if float or needle and seat are sticking allowing fuel to bypass and run directly back into the intake. I haven't got there yet. He stated that ethanol fuel caused inside of fuel pump assemblies to move paint chips around and caused all types of issues. Mancave Mechanic also said that you cannot get parts for these pumps.......Volvo Penta job security....sell the whole assembly???

    Has anyone experienced this? He doesn't have a vid as of yet on how to take apart float, needle and seat assemble should that be my issue but I am sure I will figure it out. Just putting this out there for information and any insight that may come my way.

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    Default Re: Volvo Penta Float Needle & Seat Cleaning

    Did you mean that these are 5.7 GXiE?
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    Default Re: Volvo Penta Float Needle & Seat Cleaning

    Remove the carb(s) / injectors and send them out for rebuilding

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