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    Default Pair of Trojan 250hp interceptors with transmissions

    Happened upon a pair Ford FE marine motors at an auction of a boat building company shuttering. Motors are complete from spark arrestor to aluminum oil pan. They have their complete exhaust "logs" with risers and have all the front accessories i.e. sea water pump, alternator, water pumps etc. They have what I believe to be are velvet drive transmissions that shift and the output shaft turns smoothly. Looks like original Mallory distributors too. All the drain plugs were removed and there wasn't any water in the blocks. Sounds like they were pulled out of a boat that was rotten and the boat was scrapped. I didn't see any visible cracks anywhere, but I can't confirm anything on the inside or without a magnaflux check. One motor is standard rotation and the other is reverse. These motors came from a fresh water boat and were located in a city on the shore of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin.

    I thought they were 390's and was going to make a couple of street motors out of them, but no cross bolts. I was doing some research on the "Trojan Interceptor" logo and came across this site. I'd like to see this old iron live again in their original environment and really don't want to scrap them so I'm entertaining offers for parts or whole motors. There's a lot of good stuff on them and I'll get some pics up after this weekend with cast numbers and details.


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    Default Re: Pair of Trojan 250hp interceptors with transmissions

    Sorry for the delay folks, life happened. Here's the link to my Flikr with the two albums. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums

    Let me know if yo have any questions on them or if you need more pics. I will not ship so arrange your own pickup from 54166. I can load with advanced notice

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    Default Re: Pair of Trojan 250hp interceptors with transmissions

    Doesn’t look like there’s much interest in these on here, I’m going to start parting them out on eBay.

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