Hello All,
I have a problem with my engine after running it for extended period ,say 3 or 4 hrs. What happens is engine starts and runs fine but when I throttle off to go into neutral the engine stalls. This is not good when in a marina or catching a mooring.What adds to the drama is I cannot restart the engine as starter motor really labours as happens with a discharged battery. Alternator is fine and battery shows 13.4 V ...starts engine from cold just fine. It's as if the injector pump is in the fully shut position and possibly this makes it difficult to turn the engine over. The engine is definitely a D950 Kubota but not a Universal M25 XP. I have one of those in my Catalina 30. I suspect it is either a tractor engine or generator engine that has been marinised. The throttle/governer control is basic compared to Universal . Any thoughts on what I'm experiencing? The engine is otherwise in good conditon.