Today one of the small hoses (the one from the air rail to the fuel regulator) on my air rail split and prevented me from starting the engine. I had only just stripped most of the fuel and air rail system to diagnose a starting issue (turning over but not firing - had to replace all of the air injectors) but didn't notice the hoses were too bad. Anyway, now I would like to replace all of the rubber hoses and the clips that hold them on. Even after cutting off the split section of hose and reinstalling it, I could still feel air jetting out where the hose fitted onto the fitting on the air rail so the small wire clip was not making a good seal.

Can I replace these hoses with any length of fuel hose of the correct dimensions or must I get the proper Tohatsu spare parts? Any suggestions as to what clips I can use instead of the basic wire ones I have now? When I started the engine, I could see the hose slip on the regulator fitting under the pressure. I could eliminate the air loss by adding a ziptie but I don't trust this as a long term solution. Are all the fuel/air hoses under similar pressure?

Thanks in advance for the help.