Good Morning,

I have my Father in Laws 1953 Montgomery Wards 3 HP made by Gale (3D11). My FIL passed away several years ago, and it was in his basement on a stand, sitting for God knows how long. Bob really took care of his stuff, so the motor is in immaculate condition. I cleaned the Carb, checked spark, blah, blah blah, and it runs pretty well. I haven't pulled the prop to get at the water pump impeller, but I assume it's original, and am looking for a source to get it from. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it. I did locate one at Discount Marine in Michigan for $65.00, but really don't want to spend that much if possible.

Any help on that would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have a carb question: On the right side of the carburetor, there is a housing that says "Rich" with an arrow, and one that says "lean" with an arrow. there is a set screw that appears to screw into the housing that I assume is the adjustment for this. Does anyone know how this affects the lean/rich situation? And what the starting point for it should be? It's not a jet, just a threaded screw with a kind of blunt end that appears to screw into the throttle position lever at the top of the carb.

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows more about these motors than I do. I can certainly post pictures if necessary if my description sucks.