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    1996 mercuriser 454 i want to change to a mallory dist one piece set up.nothing but trouble with thunderbolt.i have mallorys in my 5.7 merccrusier work fine.i heard mallory sold to another co.has anybody used any of the other brands?lookig for around 300.00 to 400.00 $ thanks for any help bcclew

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    any marine rated distributor can be safely and legally used.


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    if you have the room, you can try a davis unified ignition...the advance curve can be tailored as needed, it comes with the SAE rating (marine ok), and is right in your price target.

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    Lot of people us Delco Voyager system as well. https://www.michiganmotorz.com/delco...tor-p-142.html

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    update 7/24/20 bought a gm est distributor kit from united marine engine parts. hardest part making a bracket for the coil.3 hour job not to bad runs fine thanks for all the input bcclew

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    I realize that this is a bit too late and that you've already purchased an EST system.

    Quote Originally Posted by bcclew View Post
    1996 mercuriser 454. i want to change to a Mallory dist one piece set up. Nothing but trouble with thunderbolt.
    I hear you on that one!
    The Merc TB is EST w/ photo eye triggering.

    i have mallorys in my 5.7 merccrusier work fine.
    The Mallory of my choice would be the YLM 624 AV.
    The YLM series uses the tried and proven
    VR (variable reluctor) triggering.

    The YLU uses photo eye.
    Neither of these are EST.

    I heard Mallory sold to another co.
    "MSD announced on January 4, 2015, that they had acquired the Accel Performance Group, which included Mallory, Mr. Gasket, Lakewood, Quicktime, and Hays, and this move aims to solidify the company's ignition products under one brand, while continuing to provide service for legacy customers."

    Has anybody used any of the other brands?
    I would steer clear of any ignition system that use the Pertronix style Hall Effect triggering.

    Looking for around 300.00 to 400.00 $

    Here is the ignition system that Mark suggested.

    Davis Unified Ignition Marine Performance D.U.I. Distributors M12720BL


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    Yeh too late so why post?
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