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    Default Mercruiser 7.3 V8 Turbo Diesel.

    Hi All,

    Hoping for assistance as we've just purchased a 2000 SEALINE with the engines mentioned. We were travelling at approximately 15 mph when the starboard engine shutdown. We pulled to anchor to assess and discovered oil all over the engine bay.

    Drove back to marina that we had just refueled at and after a week they have finally lifted it out and determined it is not the stern drive but an engine issue that will require a diesel mechanic to assess.

    Thoughts or direction.....

    Frustrated and without boat��

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    Default Re: Mercruiser 7.3 V8 Turbo Diesel.

    I think that is the same engine in Ford F-250 trucks from 1997 to 2003. I have one in a truck. Usually when they stop suddenly it's one of the many electronic parts. The injectors work by high pressure engine oil supplied by a second high pressure pump on the top of the engine. The injectors are controlled electrically, but the injector internal workings are powered by oil pressure. If you have oil all over, it's probably in the high pressure system. Both heads have a plugs on each end that contain a large built in rail the supplies oil to the injectors. My guess would be either a plug is leaking or one of the connections to the hp pump.

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