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    Default Volvo Penta V8 270 - Raw water pump issues

    Wondering if anyone can provide some insight into this problem, as I feel my mechanic is not doing a very good job in dealing with the issue. I recently had my mechanic replace the raw water pump on my engine, as it was showing a small leak. After replacement, the engine started overheating the first time I took the boat out, fortunately while I was still at the dock. Mechanic came back and checked it out, and noticed that there was no suction whatsoever when placing his hand on the pump he had just replaced (after removing the hose). He claims it was a faulty pump (original Volvo Penta part) and will be replacing it with a new one.

    However, I noticed by looking at some videos, that the serpentine belt was not installed correctly. Instead of running it from the belt tensioner down to the raw water pump and back up to the circulating pump as shown in the engine diagram, he ran it from the tensioner around the circulating pump pulley and then down to the raw water pump. If my hunch is correct, this could be causing the pulleys in the raw water pump as well as the circulating pump to rotate in the opposite direction, which is probably why there's no suction coming from that pump. UPDATE: I CHECKED A VIDEO AND IT SEEMS LIKE THE PULLEYS WOULD STILL CIRCULATE IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION (CLOCKWISE FOR THE RAW WATER PUMP, COUNTERCLOCKWISE FOR THE CIRCULATING PUMP), DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE BELT IS NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED. NONETHELESS, I STILL THINK THIS COULD BE THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.

    Besides firing my mechanic, my question is whether the impellers on those pumps would have suffered any damage, and if any other components could have been damaged in either pump. Also, any thoughts on potential engine damage from overheating would be welcome (temperature only reached about 180 degrees, warning alarm worked properly and engine was turned off after a just a few minutes).

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