I took the plastic throttle linkage off the 3 carbs to remove and clean each carb - engine now runs but idles way high. I know I didn't get this plastic throttle linkage on correctly - probably have the throttles cracked open.

I notice it's slotted where the bolt to connects it to the throttle blades. Do I just install it so that the throttle blades are completely closed at closed throttle? It's not like a car where you need a minimum throttle setting to keep the throttle cracked open just a hair? I did notice that the throttle blades all have about a 1/4" hole in them (from the factory) so I'm guessing the blades should just be closed completely?

Just wondering how I should set this up in that slot. Pics are of the plastic throttle linkage connecting the 3 carbs and a closeup of the slot without the bolt installed. I've searched the forum archives and don't find this info anywhere. Thanks for any help!

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