Need some advice and possibly if anyone else has a similar motor with a PDF manual that would be greatly appreciated.

Reed Valves and air/fuel mixture screws

Bought the boat 2 years ago. I have pulled the carburetors, cleaned them, applied new air/fuel mixture springs to hold the screws firmly in place (Didn't seem neccessary once I felt the tension old ones provided, but did anyhow). Would some composite reed valves really give me a smoother idle, as the motor currently seems to run a "little" off on the idle, provided i'm not sure i have the air/mixture screws set properly and/or the ignition timing 100% per factory specs at full retard (Hence the request for someone with a manual). I have this link : which provides a VERY close relation to my motor, BUT is not exactly specs for it so i'm left guessing the turns on the air/fuel mixture and the number of degrees to set the full retard/advance for the timing. It doesn't seem to make a huge difference 1 degree either side of retard but I left advanced alone due to most forums mentioning you can blow motor.

So my topics is a little jumbled but guess what i'm asking is for some feedback if anyone cares to tune in:

  • Anyone have a PDF manual for this engine?
  • Know how many turns out for out for pilot air/fuel mixture screws(3/8-7/8) or (1 - 1 1/2)?
  • Retard/advance values for this motor?

Thanks for reading