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    Default Shaft length dilemna

    My boat's old Turbo 565, 40" has seen better days. I'm certain the motor no longer has the zip it once did.

    I'm looking to replace it with a 12v 55# motor.

    I'm looking at shaft lengths that now seem to have standardized on 42" and 54".

    While i used to use my boat primarily for bow fishing... and had a heavy deck on the bow...plus me standing on said deck... the trolling motor i have was good... i could adjust it if it was too deep for shallow water, or i could put it down for deeper water, or if i wasn't bow fishing. I remember it could break surface on rough-water days while regular fishing...but can't remember at the time if it was bottomed out for max depth at the time.

    I believe nowadays, though... i'm far less likely to be bowfishing... so that weight won't be up there.

    My alumacraft backtroller 16 sits empty with the tip of the bow like 22"-24" out of the water. With me on the bow, measuring the height, it's 17". Since i have no friends, i haven't gotten a measurement of what the height is with me sitting in the back of the boat .

    What I'm wondering... on most of the newer Minn kota trolling motors... on the 54" shaft... can you drop the collar on the shaft low enough to basically make it a 42" or less shaft? meaning bring the motor higher up in the water column? I'm thinking that would save me ending up with a two short shaft if i'm out on a flowage in 1.5' to 2' or more chop.

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    Default Re: Shaft length dilemna

    The one with the collars give you plenty of adjustment range...if you know what you need, its usually worth the drive to see the one you want...make your measurements and give it your test....

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