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    Default Tamd31P 2003 Starting issue

    When left for a few days, she will not start. Everything lights up as usual with ignition on, turn to start and nothing. No clicking, no noises...nothing!! I can do this 30 times with no joy, 31st attempt and she'll start fine. From then on she start on the button. If left for 24 hours, she'll still start fine. but anymore longer than that and I'll start getting problems. The most I've had to turn it over is over 100 times but after that she's on the button. I've replaced the started and it made no difference.
    Has anyone had his problem? before I spend 100 on a new ignition barrel
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Tamd31P 2003 Starting issue

    Sounds like a corrosion issue. Key barrel has a red wire. test the red with a test lamp that applies some load. If ok turn the key and restest. Also test each wire with the other side of the test lamp attached to a ground, including the shut off position, when key is on position. Now work back looking at each connector. Green equals corrosion and clean metal is good. Check each connection if you have more than one wire harness connector. Clean the ground from the battery to the starter or engine block even if it looks ok to the eye. Also check each terminal on the starter and of course the main battery or batteries. If no joy check the fuse and 50 amp relay on the engine. Best time to do this is when nothing works. If you are in a time when its all working it will be less obvious and harder to find. Finally but less likely it might be the starter. Good luck.

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