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    Default Mercury 8.2 Mag Temerature Fault

    I own a 2017 Baja 26 Outlaw with a Mercury 8.2 Mag 430 HP. I have 60 hours on the engine. I have had temperature faults when it has reached 173 degrees on several occasions. I have had our local mechanic address this. They noted on my maintenance records that they clean the sensors located on the exhaust. I am experiencing this again and cannot get a appointment for 8 weeks or greater. My question is if its an exhaust sensor what kind of issues will arise if I continue operating the boat. It only alarms when running at high RPMs for extended periods.

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    Default Re: Mercury 8.2 Mag Temerature Fault

    Could be that there's insufficient water flow at the higher speed which kicks the exhaust alarm. Is the cooling system in good order? If you continue to run it with the alarm going off, then you'll probably break something. If you can live the life in the slow lane until your appointment then yeh, do that. Keep an eye on the temperature all the time.
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