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    Default BF75/90 Tilt-Trim Oil Capacity - How Much?

    Does anyone know the oil capacity for a tilt trim on a BF75/90. I'm replacing the tilt trim motor on my BF75. While I have it off the boat, I'm going to drain and replace the tilt trim fluid. I just want to know how much it takes.

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    Default Re: BF75/90 Tilt-Trim Oil Capacity - How Much?

    Not very much. I would guess at a quart maybe. I would NOT try to drain and refill one of these pumps without a really good reason. They can trap air internally with resulting problems. Those internal "bubbles" can be a real challenge to remove.

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    Default Re: BF75/90 Tilt-Trim Oil Capacity - How Much?

    You don't measure the oil. Once reassembled, trim it up and down a couple of times, then with the unit standing vertical, or mounted on the outboard, trim full up, top up the fluid until it comes out of the filler. Repeat this process until the unit operates smoothly without the sound of airation

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    Default Re: BF75/90 Tilt-Trim Oil Capacity - How Much?

    My experience has been that often, operating and filling as necessary until it operates with no air bubbles, is sometimes MUCH easier said than done.....

    One way that's helped me in the past is to fully extend, then use the emergency release screw/valve to allow the shaft to be collapsed by hand. Let it sit for a moment, then refill. Repeat as necessary, with frequent pauses to allow for the air bubbles to rise to the top. Be patient!

    Best of luck!

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    Default Re: BF75/90 Tilt-Trim Oil Capacity - How Much?

    Thanks to everyone for the advise. The reason I'm draining and refilling the T/T is because the missing O-ring under the motor allowed fluid to leak out and may have allowed water to leak in. I'm just trying to figure out roughly how much new fluid I should have on hand when I drain and replace it.

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