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    I have a 1986 Bayliner Capri with the omc 3.0 4cyl.
    On land with the muffs, the boat starts easily and will run good and power up to over 6000 rpms. Place the boat in the water and it won't power up over 2000 rpms and will pop slightly.
    Boat is all original when I purchased it last summer.
    It have new; battery, starter, rebuilt carb, hei conversion, correct eip module for the system, cap rotor and plugs.
    Compression tested out 100,100,100, 90. Changed outdrive fluid and engine oil.
    Checked anti suffice valve and it good.
    A y ideas what might cause this situation?


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    If your tack is correct then you may have floated the valves and damaged them at 6000rpm

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