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    Default 3.0 merc tks idle/stalling issues

    I'm having troubles with my 3.0 tks when initially starting it up it intermittently runs sometimes it stalls immediately, sometimes it lags and runs about 400 rpm (very rough), then other times it runs smooth but at 1200 rpm. As well as when I'm running across the lake when I throttle back it stalls. The only smooth idle I can get is when its around 1000 rpm. Runs fine as long as I'm tooling along above 1500 rpm. I assume its all in the carb and this tks has been impossible to adjust i can screw in the mixture screw all the way in or out and it doesn't seem to cure anything it runs better with it adjusted all the way out but still isn't reliably running. Has anyone replaced this carb with a standard electric choke carb and does that throw off the timing. Help please ive owned this boat for 2 weeks bought it from a marina who have been unhelpful and basically refuse to work on it. The boat is a 2005 180 sea ray sport with 3.0 tks.

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    Default Re: 3.0 merc tks idle/stalling issues

    My suggestion would be to go thru the carb put a kit in it, check your fuel pressure as well.

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    Default Re: 3.0 merc tks idle/stalling issues

    cut off the anti-tamper cap to adjust thew carb correctly

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    Default Re: 3.0 merc tks idle/stalling issues

    I have the mixture adjustment tool that fits inside of the anti tamper cap, no matter how I adjust it makes much of a difference. I've read on several websites that the tks system is problematic and it sounds to me like the piston that acts as the fuel enrichment/choke is not working properly. A standard electronic choke 2bbl carb would be cheaper and easier than consistently working on the tks unless what I'm reading is incorrect and the tks is a good carberator.

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    Default Re: 3.0 merc tks idle/stalling issues

    Ethanol in your gas??? I have to take apart my tks carb every other season and use a fine wire ( or number drill) through the venturi jets. Its a bit of a pain as these "jets" are "blind", you can't get to the other side o f them No amount of chemical cleaning/air hosing will dislodge the accumulated deposit. I've heard from reliable sources on this forum that a ultrasonic cleaning machine will do the job. The "venturi jets" I am referring to, are fixed and are attached to the bottom of the "block" of item 21 in diagram below, but unfortunately, not shown in this diagram.
    On my engine, the symptom is an unwillingness to run below 1200 rpm.


    The issue you are seeing has NOTHING to do with the TKS enrichment jet setup.
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    Default Re: 3.0 merc tks idle/stalling issues

    Sandkicker it sounds to me these are a bit of a flawed carb then, you shouldn't have to go through a carb every other season in my opinion. I've had boats in the past and rarely had carb issues other than minor adjustments. This tks has been a nightmare partially my fault for not wondering why the marina wouldn't put it on the water to test run it and I'm sure they smiled all the way to the bank. After ordering the fuel mixture tool and messing with adjustments for a week, the boat runs great on muffs but when put in the water falls on its face. I ordered a standard 2bbl electronic choke today and will swap it in a couple days when it comes in. The standard carb was 350 compared to 200 for the fuel enrichment piston and 70 for the rebuild kit so I'm hoping this works but don't want seasonal issues

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    Default Re: 3.0 merc tks idle/stalling issues

    I run a no ethanol fuel in my boat but I just bought it so I can't speak for how it was fueled by before me. I also have no acceleration from neutral till I push my throttle to 50% which then jumps from 1200rpm to 2500 can't get it to go in between that. Thinking accelerator pump???

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