First, thanks for the add and second, if this is posted in the wrong place I apologize. Ok so I have a 04 bass tracker pro team 185 with a mercury elpto 90. I've had it 2 years and the tach has never worked. Been trying to figure it out but I suck at electrical problems....even worse on boats. So I replaced the rectifier/regulator with a cheap amazon replacement, have replaced the connectors because they where burnt, and have looked best I could for a loose/broken wire and so far havent found anything. I know its charging, I know the tach will move on cranking but goes to 0 after firing off. I have also robbed a buddies tach from his 08 tracker with a 50 elpto. It's the exact same tachometer and his reads at 5500 at idle. I dont know if his and my engines are the same pulse wise or if I have another problem that may have fried my tach. So I'm looking for any ideas or other tips/tricks or directions to go.