Hello out there,

I've been away from the user forum scene long enough to discover my favorite Yahoo forums have been discontinued, which should tell you how absent I've been. Having just joined up here, I want to see if I'm even using this site properly, so a 5 x 5 response would be appreciated. To that end let me toss out a simple question.

We have a Yanmar 3GMF engine in our 34 Morgan, installed in '84 and rebuilt in 2000 or so, about two years before we purchased the boat. I'm working on it now (I am NOT a mechanic) and thought I'd use a temperature gun gifted to me to see if my work on the cooling systems (both raw and fresh) are working out. But here's the thing: I don't know what kind of readings I should be getting on various surfaces I'm pointing the gun at. Anybody have some standard values for me?

s/v Laura Lynn