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    Default Need tollerances to adjust float on Mercury 115 hp

    Hi everyone

    We have a 1995 2stroke 115 HP Mercury outboard - Serial # 0G255555

    We have had somewhat of an issue with fuel leaking out of the lower carb. We purchased a re-build kit but we are not sure what the float height adjustment should be. Does anyone have any informaiton on this.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Need tollerances to adjust float on Mercury 115 hp

    Out of the '98 and later service manual: Turn the carb upside down with float and needle valve installed and raise to eye level with the needle valve on the left. On the right of the carb look up at the float and it is initially angled as you move left but then it flattens out to full horizontal before the dip in the center. This bottom of the float is to be 9/16" off the bowl mounting flange of the carb casting with the gasket removed.

    I doubt this changed over the years all that much if any. If adjustment is needed, the tab where the float attaches to the needle valve is the adjusting point. Just bend it to the spec. dimension.

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