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    Default Electric shift throttle control Box

    I have a late 70s/ early 80s omc sterndrive and the switch in my throttle control box is shot and finding the same one is proving to be difficult... especially in Canada. Can I use any electric shift control box instead? Thanks

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    Not all electric shift is the same.----Likely your sterndrive is a 1977 or older.----You need a control box that applies 12 volts to the forward magnet for forward gear.----And 12 volts to reverse magnet for reverse.-----How did you test your switch ?---How did failure of the switch occur ?----evinrudeparts.ca-----May be able to help you.----Your location ?

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    I'm not sure how it happened. That's how I got it. They had an auxilary switch wired in for forward and reverse. How would I test it? And I am just out side of Vancouver.


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    Default Re: Electric shift throttle control Box

    When you operate for FORWARD you should see 12 volts to the green wire.----Neutral is no volts on green or blue.---Reverse should see 12 volts on blue wire.-----If those colours are not there then all bets are off.

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