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    Default 2003 BF130 A3XA whining

    Recently purchased the used boat and motor. Motor runs good and has good compression (200) across all cylinders. Problem is a whining sound from mid to lower section in idle and at certain rpms. I replaced the shaft bushing but it didn't change the sound. I don't want to shell out a bunch of money on an old motor and don't want to buy a new motor yet. I've searched these forums and haven't found anything similar so I'm hoping someone has some idea of a repair that may not break the bank. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: 2003 BF130 A3XA whining

    It really helps to try and pinpoint the source of the noise as best as you can. Noise like this can sometimes "travel" and sound as if it's coming from one area when it's really coming from someplace else.

    A piece of broomstick or a long handled screwdriver can be used as a stethoscope for inspection.

    I'm a mechanic (retired) by trade and I have a rig that I made to find just this type of transmitted noise. It consists of a jug for windshield washer fluid with the bottom cut out and a section of automotive heater hose with one end stuffed into the pour spout. This works WAY better than many other devices, even store bought, for locating noise sources because the hose allows for easier probing while the jug acts almost like a speaker to literally hit you in the face with what the hose picks up. No need for bending over and contorting your body to hold something up to your ear.

    I wasn't clever enough to have invented this. It was passed down to me and I'm just passing it on. The windshield washer jug is a must over other containers because of how they are more heavily constructed.

    Any time someone says "whining noise" I immediately think of the alternator. When they start to fail, they often whine.

    Hopefully someone else here knows exactly what it is on the 130 but, if nor, my little tool suggestion might help you.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: 2003 BF130 A3XA whining

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.

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    Default Re: 2003 BF130 A3XA whining

    When checking for noise, remove the plastic cambelt cover and check the balance shaft gears, these will make a whirring noise as the motor gets older but is not a real issue, I have not seen these fail, just an annoying noise mainly just above idle

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    Default Re: 2003 BF130 A3XA whining

    I did take the cover off when I was trying to identify the problem. The sound appeared to be coming from lower, but I know sound can travel funny. I'm going to try the stethoscope trick to see if I can isolate where it is coming from. Thanks.

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