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    Default LM318 Cast Aluminum Oil Pan

    Ok.. I have been told 6, 8 and 9 quarts ..what do you run in yours????? my 1967 Luhrs has LM318 RH engine with a huge looking oil pan that is cast aluminum .... It has a baffel in it and its almost impossible to get all the oil out of it.. Just how much oil is it suppose to hold anyway...The book says 6quarts but looking at it that can't be right...looks way too big to only hold 6 quarts.. . I have found several of them for sale but none of them tell the how much oil they are suppose to hold. I really need the correct information so I can mark the dipstick when I get it back together... thanks in advance..

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    Default Re: LM318 Cast Aluminum Oil Pan

    If you are able to physically measure the oil pan's sump area (oil level not interfering with the crankshaft) you can do the math to determine the cubic inch volume.
    You will then convert cu in volume to quarts.

    Keep in mind that an approximate 1.4 quarts will be held in suspension at cruising RPM.
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    Default Re: LM318 Cast Aluminum Oil Pan

    That is exactly..pretty close to what I did yesterday... used a tape measure to determine depth of the crank into the pan etc.. turns out the oil level is dead on the top of the baffle that is cast into the pan... used a gallon jug to fill to the mark and it was exactly 8 quarts ... now when I get it back together I can mark my dipstick correctly..

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    Default Re: LM318 Cast Aluminum Oil Pan

    An older manual indicates 8 quarts + 1 for filter with engine at a 7 angle
    Free download here....

    A '70 318 spec lists two pans, 1 a stamped steel 4 quart + 1 for filter
    the second a 6 quart + 1 for filter which does not stipulate "cast" pan
    both at the 7 engine angle
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