I have been having two issues with my engine.

1) It dies on startup, even after priming, but if I then wait a few seconds and restart, it immediately fires up and stays on fine through idling etc.

2) After being in a fishing spot and wanting to run to another.. starting it up, then trying to get on plane, it will go fine to 3000-3500 RPMs but then basically just stay there for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then all of a sudden run up to whatever RPMs I want (I stay under 5k as that is WOT and usually run at 4500).

I have a ~2008 Suzuku 115 4 stroke on a 19 foot Blue Wave VLC bay boat.

About a month ago I had to bring the boat in to get old gas removed. They also cleaned out the engine of the bad fuel/water filled fuel.

Does this sound like any obvious issue? It is unnerving to have to always prime the bulb before each start, which is not something I had to do in the past, and then also kind of stutter along at 3k RPMs until the engine really starts moving like normal.