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    Default 2019 Suzuki DF150ATL

    Motor has 78 hours on it. Within the past month, I've noticed smoking on start ranging from a few puffs of white initially to a smoke screen of white/blue with an large oil/gas sheen on the water. Even on a restart shortly after shutdown, the same issues. Any ideas what the problem(s) are as I wait for the Service Department to call me back?

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    Suzuki says it is most likely cylinder wall glazing due to not breaking in the motor correctly. Well, I followed the break in instructions given by the dealer for the first 20 hours. Afterwards I have run the rpms up at WOT and usually cruise around 3500 to 4000 rpm, except when in min wake where 1000 - 1200 rpm is used. They now recommend I take the boat out and run it at WOT for an hour to take care of the what ever glazing has occurred. Also, Suzuki recommends some upward tilt on the motor when it is on the lift to prevent oil from running back into the cylinders. WTH?? Folks, there's only 78 hours on the damn motor. I am very, very tempted to seek a trade into Yamaha. After this experience, it looks like any claims with Suzukis 6 year warranty is going to be a battle in order to get anything fixed.

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    Default Re: 2019 Suzuki DF150ATL

    What do they mean when they say --" run it WOT for an hour to take care of the glazing "----In my opinion 98 of a 100 folks would believe that.----You should put yourself in as one of the 2 people who question that.---And rightly so.----Perhaps contact ----Browns Point Marine----A long time Suzuki representative.-----See what they say and can do for you !!!

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    Yesterday I received a copy of an email between Suzuki Tech Rep and service department. I live in an area where there is min wake until hitting the unrestricted waterways. Given Suzuki's lame response, everyone else who has a Suzuki in our community should have the same, if not worse, conditions on their motors. Suzuki stated "customer needs to made aware of how he is operating his engine and it is considered extreme by warranty standards. Furthermore, he states that this will likely void the warranty if this persists." Basically, the data dump sent to Suzuki revealed low RPM use to what they considered trolling versus running the motor balls to the wall as they would like to see. NOWHERE in the limit warranty does it state anything about possibly voiding a warranty for running the engine at low RPM settings. In fact, if anything, it does state voiding the warranty for aggressive, constant wide open RPM operations. Since I received the boat back from the shop, I've had no issues with the oil discharge or large plume of smoke on start. Motor is now tilted up about 15 degrees when on the lift. I'm definitely taking this one to task, especially since Suzuki is recommending that I halve my service intervals to 50 hours instead of every 100 hours. I purchased a prepaid maintenance plan for the 100, 200, & 300 hour services. Tossing the BS flag on this one

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