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    Default Volvo Penta KAMD43P Smoke problem

    I have Volvo Penta KAMD43P, 2000 year, 1700 hours. The problem is white smoke. I change head gasket, valve adjust and refurbishment, clean every heat exchanger, raw water pipes and coolant pipes. Injectors tested an they are not leaking, but the problem is not gone, maybe little less but not sufficient.
    On the dock, when motor is started and let heat up, I put the motor on 3000 revs, there is no smoke and works very well.
    When it is on open sea, when temperature off motor is below 80 deg C, is only little smoke and that is quite good for motor 20 years old, but when he warm up to above 80 deg C the smoke come, and I realize when it is air with more moisture the smoke is heavier. Except that motor run normal, start immediate after crank on hot or cold weather. Not losing any oil, and not losing coolant.

    Any suggestion what to check or change?


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    Default Re: Volvo Penta KAMD43P Smoke problem

    You can check your exhaust elbow. Take it off and check if there are no hole’s blocked.
    if it didn’t smoke before it is probably not enough water going trough your system.

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