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    Default getting boat off trailer

    i just purchased a used 14ft smokercraft Big fisherman. i took it out today for the first time, first problem this boat is very hard to get off the trailer, due to it seems to be sort of high on the trailer and has carpeted bunks, i don't want to have to get in the water like i did today to get it off the trailer, i am reading about bunk rollers to make it easy to get off the trailer and dont want to break my back, i am 74yrs of age, is the roller bunk the answer, if i am missing anything other to help please pass it on.


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    Default Re: getting boat off trailer

    Ayuh,..... Roller bunks might help,.....

    Or a deeper/ quicker droppin' launch,....

    Or possibly lower the trailer,.....
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    Right! Normally, you want to drop the boat in far enough so that the transom floats a bit. Also, you can buy hard vinyl aftermarket bunks that typically make it much easier to launch. If you do that, just make sure that the boat is tied down really well when you trailer it.
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    Default Re: getting boat off trailer

    rollers will help....so will a good ramp - they are hard to find in some areas...

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